Western Fortunes | Contact
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Lisa Whitman, Linda Russell & Cheryl Daines
Box 3432
Fort Saskatchewan, AB.
T8L 2T4

Lisa’s Cell phone: (250) 319-1563
Linda’s Cell phone: (780) 668-1081
Cheryl’s Cell phone: (403) 318-3482

Fax: 780-998-2688

Calls between 8:00am and 8:00pm only.

E-mail: westernfortunes@gmail.com


Preference is to e-mail inquiries.


Sometimes, it may take us a couple days to respond to your inquiries. Please don’t feel like you’re being ignored; we are just a little tied up with other inquiries. Typically, you can expect a response within two (2) business days, but please be patient if it takes a little longer.


If you haven’t had a response back and you’re concerned that your e-mail wasn’t received, call or text the cell numbers above.

Advisory Board

Heidi Robinson

Okanagan Falls, British Columbia

Cell: (250) 497-8452


Merry Ann Stoney

De Winton, Alberta

Cell: (403) 923-7850


Tom Bennie

Waskada, Manitoba

Cell: (204) 522-5049